Posted Sunday September 11, 2016 by Hazel Durbridge

Dedication 2016

I probably should dedicate these letters to my lawyer friend as he was technically my inspiration, just as Kevin was the inspiration for my emails from Sri Lanka.

However, my thinking has moved on about who I owe anything to! ‘Saul’ got married without telling me and as I write is still alive, but not ‘living’ with his wife. Well, this is what he tells me. He rings sometimes and took me for dinner in London once. The therapist says it is an ego thing.

These letters are dedicated to all the counsellors and one therapist, Anne, who I have seen at various times during my adult life. I strongly recommend talking therapies. It avoids boring your friends to death and potentially losing them. All my counselling/therapy helped me to a greater or lesser extent to park debilitating emotional pain in a safe space.

Among all my friends who say to me, ‘Hazel, you have done so well’, one friend said to me recently, ‘you never let yourself become a victim’.

While Anne will sometimes say to me, ‘Hazel, do you ever get really depressed?’ I know there have been many times of great loss and confusion. I think this comes across in these letters.

I am just a very ordinary person who dealt with grief.

I hope my story helps you a little bit.

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