Posted Thursday October 08, 2015 by Hazel Durbridge

My Sri Lankan writings are dedicated to Kevin. I have taken out the hugs and kisses bit, but they were originally an attempt to woo him with words. We eventually met readers and it came to nothing. However, I remember listening to some preacher guy on utube and he said nothing in this life is ever wasted and it hasn’t been wasted because I have used that writing to entertain on my blog.

He did ask me to marry him and said some lovely things about me. Sometimes in life we just have to celebrate the moment.

‘Well here goes, and I cannot guarantee it will be poetic; I think there is something incredibly honest and transparent that you possess that I have seldom seen. You are fascinating, multi-faceted, expressive, fragile, sort of strong, forthright, youthful, experienced, worldly, naive, a great writer, beautiful, touching, vulnerable, passionate, you like horses……’s a pretty perfect tapestry, a mosaic, a maze, a puzzle, a work of art – that is what comprises the being Hazel and I love that being x’

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