baby boomers are not selfish

Posted Sunday December 17, 2017 by Hazel Durbridge

I don’t always like Tom Utley’s articles, but I totally identified with this one.

I am going to have to quote from it as you can’t read it all from my photo.

Are you a baby boomer like me, born in the post war period from 1946 -1964?  If so you stand accused by increasing numbers of millennials of being a pampered, selfish racist, incapable of coherent thought and not to be trusted with the vote.

According to speakers at The Future of Ageing Conference, millennials’ resentment of baby boomers focuses on three main areas: tuition fees, housing and of course, the Brexit result.

60% of us voted leave and are seen by our children as stupid and racist.

Utley’s argument is that more young people go to university these days whereas when the government was paying, places were restricted.

Housing, he admits is undeniably harder, but we do feel the pain because our children may leave home much later than before.

Finally Brexit – somehow or other, three-quarters of millennials appear to have run away with the idea that the EU is an earthly paradise of free trade, prosperity, democracy and brotherly love.

How can they think the EU stands  for free trade and friendship between nations, when, in fact, it erects savage tariff barriers against some of the world’s poorest countries, preventing them from developing in order to protect its own inefficient farmers and industries?

and so on … read it – Friday December 1st 2017.

He finishes by going on the attack.  millennials are the healthiest, most widely travelled generation in history – with more holidays, clothes, sources of entertainment and an infinitely more exciting diet…


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