About Me

I write in my head. That doesn’t make me an author. It just means that when I think, I think about expressing words on a page and I can argue my case more forcibly and coherently on paper than in speech. It’s probably a question of confidence.

In a corporate context I used to get in to trouble for not having a style that translated well into policy documents or committee papers, but I could always write a good letter and my family and friends liked reading them.

This then translated in to emails and then in 2014 I got encouragement from my Peabody boss to start a blog.

I have been blogging for three years. I started off thinking I was writing about community development, about my time overseas with VSO and then recently this total stranger said to me that my writing niche was the journey of my life post-divorce.

I have always resisted this because I didn’t want my writing to be mean, vengeful and sad, but there is a lot of sadness in what I have written over the years, but it’s not bitter.

I have made an indefatigable journey and my writing reflects that.

The initial writing and then editing it for a blog has been intensely and joyously therapeutic. The blog is me.


My writing other than ‘Here and Now’ is historic. If you want to follow the chronology you would read

Letters to Saul 2004-2005
Updates 2006–2009
VSO Cameroon 2010
Interim VSO 2011-2013
VSO Sri Lanka 2013
Letters to my children 2013-2015

I am writing for those who reflect on life and talk about feelings.


If you like my writing, please comment. The blog will grow with dialogue.

I was born in Yorkshire. I initially trained as a History Teacher. In a voluntary capacity I have also been a foster parent to adolescent boys and young mums, a chair of school governors, a trustee of a women’s refuge, a director of an Aids charity and a Samaritan. I have three grown up children and had a horse for 22 years.

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