unusual boob swellings

Posted Sunday September 04, 2016 by Hazel Durbridge

So how are you? Have you made it over to your farmhouse in Tuscany this month or are you soaking up the sun in Dorset? I came down to Sandbanks last Saturday with J2 and FP’s children and it was quite lovely. We stayed until it got dark at 10pm and along with loads of other groups of young people and families had a barbeques on the beach. I found it quite moving.

I am job hunting. So far I have written four applications because they take ages and got rejected from two of them without interview. I am trying to do one a week. The outstanding ones are in Brent and Mali. No definite date yet on the redundancy.

I am getting used to A* being at the Hoo. We started our intensive Spanish last Thursday – two hours in the pub with a transsexual teacher who is absolutely brilliant. A* has a job in the same pub and is bewailing the fact she has put on weight through her bingey tendencies. She has also discovered she is scared of sleeping at the Hoo on her own, but invites her mates over. However, she has booked to come out to Sicily second week on her own so I am pleased about that.

Rosie (Sikh lodger) also told A* that she has been sleeping with Bear for the last 3 months and assumed I knew. I didn’t!

J1 has got three more exams to do and then he is off to Magaluf on July 2nd for 2 weeks. He has been stressed. His accommodation came through for his course at London Metropolitan. He will pay £83 a week. A* pays £42 at Norwich!

What’s new on the cameos? Kylie had her second baby by non-resident V to be called Clark Blane Austin Cameron. Tracey’s 16 year old daughter left to live with other 16 year old friend who told Tracey she isn’t coming back because Tracey doesn’t allow her to have a social life 9a bit of truth there). Tracey is in a state of pure fedupness and anger and would like all her 3 children to be taken in to care and be able to just goof and have a holiday.

Went to middle brother’s for dinner last night and his second wife told me she is on anti-depressants because she can’t cope with her 16 year old son. I’ve gone back for some more counselling because I get it free due to the redundancy and I do find it useful – makes me less inclined to write mad letters to people! The world is insane and not enough people are Trojans such as yourself.

I’ve been sick and had unusual boob swellings so they are sending me to hospital for tests. I have taken J2 this week for yes/no growth hormone injections. He has grown 0.6cms in the last 4 months which is bad so he is going in to hospital for a day to have tests on the amount of growth hormone he has. This involves having a testosterone injection first to stimulate the growth hormone at ‘normal’ levels. We also have to ask the doctor if he will prescribe growth injections because they are very expensive and not all practices will do it. If he won’t the lovely consultant (and she is very lovely) will go direct to the manufacturers.

I finished off ‘We have to talk about Kevin’ which was moving and brilliant and won the Orange prize as I was reading it. I am now reading ‘A Can of Madness’ by Jason Pegler who has just been named the Young Social Entrepreneur of the year by the New Statesman – beat Jamie Oliver. The book is about how he coped with mental illness. After it was published he went on to found Chipmunkapublishing which publishes in the field of mental health. They are currently making his book into a film. I’ve got to page 50 so far and it is as gripping as the previous book. In the interim I struggled to get into a play ‘In bed with Alice’ by Susan Sontag – again highly recommended.

I am mad that I am missing all this lovely weather stuck inside working. I hope you are going daily to your beach hut in Bournemouth.


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