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Posted Tuesday February 16, 2016 by Hazel Durbridge

Sean aged 4

How are you? I haven’t got much angst to write about this week so I’ve sent you a copy of some Dalai Lama spam I got through email today – I couldn’t work out how to print it. Of course it is trite, but then truisms tend to be.

A* has just got back from a week with her boyfriend in Madrid. She went out a girl and came back a woman – literally – it’s extraordinary how the experience has brought her alive. I am really not sure she will go to uni next year. J2 has just left for 5 days in Germany tonight and Thailand is less than 4 weeks away!

I have still had absolutely no interest in the Freelander and am going to have to accept the garage price on Saturday. I keep telling myself it is only money, but I feel quite sick about it. I could do without losing the extra cash at present.

No bites on the foreign job applications. I am also thinking about enrolling on a part-time MA in intercultural communication which I hope will help the cause.

Lots of open air concerts going on at the moment. Have you been to any?

I went to see an old work colleague last night who has just moved into a new house and she was showing me her photo album. Her and her husband and son had been for a week-end to Ross on Wye and it looked absolutely glorious, so when I get back from Thailand and I have some money I’m going to go.

The weather is hit. I am writing endless strategy documents at work which I find quite difficult, but intellectually challenging.

Take care. Big hug.

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