Posted Thursday July 30, 2015 by Hazel Durbridge

A statue in Polonnaruwa

Today was a day of extremes. I took the train overnight from Batticaloa and was really uncomfortable as I needed to urinate all the time. Bad news. This means I have to see a doctor again. I got off the train and went and woke son J1 up in the Hilton. We had breakfast and then I went and swam 50 lengths in a deserted hotel pool which was bliss. I put him and his friend into a trishaw with instructions on how to get to Galle and Unawatuna on public transport albeit the air con variety. A, my young Welwyn adventurer is also picking them up in two days to do the Kandy Pereira, Anuradhapura, a wildlife park and scuba diving. She’ll get them living a little more inexpensively.

After that I went to the general hospital. Yes, I could have gone private, but that would have involved coming to HQ and involving staff coming with me etc. and as I have done the hospital in Batticaloa I know the routine. It was grim, but considering the numbers, impressively caring and efficient. All credit to the doctor who refused to give me antibiotics without further tests, but waiting for these took hours. In the end I could not face the pharmacy queue and bought those privately later in the day. She said I must drink more water, but you don’t drink water when you are out and about and travelling and there are no toilets.

Next on the itinerary was the hairdresser for my annual trim – lovely head massage, trendy, very sweet gay man. This is the VSO posh salon of choice.

After that I went to HQ to pick up my degree and post grad certificates which I will need for jobs and was afraid of forgetting at the 11th hour. They were in full prep mode for the conference tomorrow.


Railway Network

The main railway station of the Batticaloa District is located 1Km from Batticaloa town. The station was constructed during British colonial rule. The line from Gal Oya to Trincomalee and Batticaloa is a single line with rails supported in wooden sleepers. Since the tracks are weak speed restrictions are imposed and trains travel at an average speed of 24 Km/hr only. Batticaloa has the single line railway track from Colombo and runs ,Uthaya Devi Express and night mail. A passenger train takes 8-10 hours to reach Colombo from Batticaloa. More than 550 tickets are issued per day.

Batticaloa District Development Plan DRAFT 2013

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