A Vision for the District

Posted Thursday October 01, 2015 by Hazel Durbridge



To showcase Batticaloa as a leading 21st Century District in Sri Lanka.



  1. To increase water holding capacity by prioritising and seeking national support for the upgrading and maintenance of the tank and irrigation systems
  • This requires research and implementation by experts


  1. To look holistically and cross departmentally at the issue of under-development in the rural areas by:-
  • creating a cross departmental working party involving irrigation, water and sanitation, agriculture, roads, fisheries, social services and education to meet every 2 months
  • set up an inwards investment team to encourage business development in various locations outside Batticaloa Town
  • to review what is not working and agreeing a way forward to encourage livelihoods development (World Vision may be best placed to chair this group as their best practice is mentioned regularly locally
  • to set up a rural employment team to advise on careers and jobs and manage any grants for free training places
  • drawing up a list of priority areas and a 5 year time frame in which they will be targeted
  • identifying the rural schools which need water and seeking funding to address this
  • prioritising recruitment and retention of rural teaching staff involving increased incentives of housing and travel allowances
  • review uses for abandoned buildings for housing, office, storage or processing
  • identifying staff who can contribute to current field work teams in raising awareness of a range of identified issues amongst rural families


  1. To maximise the benefit to local people of tourism development in the district by
  • Work with the libraries department/ municipal council to re-open and maintain a tourist information centre with dedicated, motivated English speaking staff, information on local places of interest in a variety of languages and a database of guest houses, restaurants and other local businesses of interest to tourists such as bicycle hire. This information needs to go to hotels in Passikudah, Arugam Bay and Trincomalee promoting Batticaloa as a place to stay.
  • Supporting the recruitment and training of hotel and guest house staff
  • supporting courses in English speaking for tourism to include trishaw drivers, boat owners, shopkeepers etc.
  • Developing access to the lagoon for tourists (boat trips, bird watching and fishing) in an environmentally appropriate way
  • Ensuring that hotels access local suppliers
  • To set up a working party of local hotel and guest house owners to work together
  • Encourage and support local businesses and crafts persons in awareness of the types, quality and presentation of items of interest to the tourist market
  1. Actively supporting convergence information and knowledge sharing between staff in local government departments and the NGO and business sectors by
  • identifying a communications sub team with a remit to collate information and awareness raising messages out to the rural areas – including illegal fishing, domestic violence, alcohol and drug abuse, career opportunities for adults and young people, etc and to spread good news messages about district secretariat work
  • A review of work undertaken by government staff in desk based jobs and to ascertain a willingness to do related field work on the basis of additional training and travel expenses
  • A review of graduate trainees to place those with the most relevant degree in the most suitable department and to provide training for others.

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